Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I {heart} you- US!!

Yes, I'm still trying to accomplish this CAS thing!! I have to tell you- it's not easy for me but, definitely takes me "out of the box" and that's a good thing, right???? I am always so amazed when I visit blogs/bloggers that do CAS so perfectly- so balanced- every element counts.

So, on my journey struggle, I made this card...

I was CASEing Maile Belles card for this week's CASE study challenge but, I wanted to add color with the sentiment and embellies rather than the background stamping. I'm thinking this is the most "white" space (in this case it's actually vanilla/ivory) that I have ever left on a card AND... don't ask me how long it took and how much stamping to find a background stamp that I thought would work---remember scrap paper-it's cheaper, LOL!! Not exactly a one layer card but, the closest I have ever come!!

Maile's card...


Normally, I wish (Hope) for a wonderful week... that's hard to do today after watching/seeing all the news on the devastating tornado in Oklahoma. I grew up in northwest Indiana and Illinois. As a very young child I remember every house we moved to-- always being taught (over and over and over until we had it down) where to go and what to do for tornadoes/ bad storms/when skies turn black...I was on the phone with my sis yesterday (she's in Indiana) and she didn't know what was going on and we were talking about it-- I kept saying "Lisa, it's not hitting and popping back up/dissipating. It's not going away. It's big and staying on the ground." Anywho... I think many lives were saved because people knew/understood what to do or where to go based on awareness, which breeds instinct. It's a miracle there weren't more lives lost.

Sorry, it's close to home. Actually, I've been home in the last year visiting when a "tiny" tornado hit and it made me nervous... brought back all the lessons I learned from my mom and dad---think.... what's potentially safe and what isn't---can't imagine.

Thanks for stopping by!! Love when you do and appreciate all the kind words!!



Wida said...

came by to say that I love this card! it's the brown that makes it fab I think and the other accent colors too. just the whole thing!

Marisa said...

Looky at you go!! Love this CASE :) Lots of wonderful pops of colour against the ivory and loving the paint swooshes. You go girl!! I KNOW first hand how long these puppies can take LOL! Way to persevere - look fabulous.

The devastation is something indeed. Kids and I were chatting after we saw it and realize the only weather issues we get here are some gale force winds and lots of rain but we are nowhere near any flooding areas so not an issue. Big earthquake is the only thing that could occur with the San Andreas fault just outside our front doors. Yah... regardless, glad your sister is safe and sound and a good reminder to hug your family tight.

Jean Martin said...

This is gorgeous Vickie! I love how the colors pop out from the brown!

Sue Lelli said...

I give you props Vickie for this FAB CAS card! I could never do it!