Friday, February 11, 2022

Altenew Inspiration Challenge

Good Friday evening. Hope you had a great week and plans for fun/relaxing through the weekend.

I have not posted to my blog for a while.... crazy busy!! AND.... I have not created a card for fun in a long, long time!!

Recently Altenew had a sale on the Watercolor Coloring Book with the 12 pan set.

I already have the 36 pan set but, wanted to practice my watercoloring and thought the Watercolor Coloring book would be the perfect avenue!

Also thought I would submit my first practice to Altenew's Inspiration Challenge.

So, I wrote down pink, yellow, and green for the colors....

As you can see, I did use those colors but, they are a little off from the inspiration picture.

Oh well, I did enjoy working with the Watercolor Coloring Book. I have one more image that I will post in the next few weeks and several more in the book to play with. I have to admit- I threw one in the garbage :-)

Hoping you are healthy and safe!!

Vickie Z