Thursday, February 28, 2013


how are you?

Squeaking in the monthly sketch for The Crafts Meow!! Started with a whole different idea and whole different background but, life-- or the card- led me in a different way!! That happens, ya' know.

Had some fun using papers from Echo Park... paper addict... I admit it!. Yep, the background and banners are from the same collection... love the blend! Thought  the circle "splotch" - made that up-- from TCMs Typically Teen with a sentiment from Stitched Sentiments was just cute!! Added a couple buttons with TCP twine.
The sketch....
Fun, huh!! 
Thanks for stopping by!! Love when you do and appreciate all the kind words!!

'Kay...just curious... do you stamp for yourself? I love to play in challenges and love when I feel good about a card... and love to have the recognition {when I deserve it... there are many times I don't} but, do you stamp for yourself?

I've taken a serious turn here, but, I'm just wondering... really... I visit a lot of blogs...don't always have time to comment but, I certainly look... and... does it matter if you post early or late... am or pm...

Never mind...I'm having a moment {wish I could blame it on being old and decrepit.... although, my girls might think I'm old- decrepit is drastic!}

I do appreciate when you stop by and love to read your comments!!


Marisa said...

Love your take on the sketch and the fun papers you used. I'm trying to use what I have for paper so as not of keep getting more containers for it LOL!

Yes, I do enjoy stamping for myself - it is a daily challenge getting the old creative juices going and when the finished product is my mini "win" over apper/sketch and a card - I iz happy :) I find many check Reader in the early a.m. before work and then in pm when they get home.

Oh, and don't worry, you're not the only one whose family may think they are getting "old and decrepit" - we must stick together LOL!

Wanda Cullen said...

Vickie, you're a hoot and I had to smile at your post! Yep, my kids probably think I came off the ark, but I'd like to think I'm like wine and get better with age! :-) I'm pretty laid back and will post when it suits I have no clue when people take a look at my blog. I'm not out to make a big splash, so my blog numbers might not be great, but I enjoy posting and if someone likes something I do, then it makes my day when they comment! Often I make cards for a particular purpose, but if it's just for a challenge, it ends up in my donation stash. Have another silent auction coming up at work and will donate a boat load of cards to help raise money. Sheesh, I'm getting long winded here! the fun colors on your card...splotch and all!

Julia Aston said...

What a nice card using the sketch Vickie! love the colors and papers you used.

while I do a lot of stamping for DT's I am on (which is sort of 'have to do' stuff) - I always love the creativity of it. I used to stamp every day - but found I needed a little more balance to my life - but I definitely 'need' to stamp - I'm not really sure what it is - but it's a great creative outlet for me!! and I love it!

Mona Pendleton said...

So pretty Vickie! Love the whimsical stitching and the fancy buttons!